Rebecca Plater is a conscious creator and visual artist based in Orkney Islands and Fife, Scotland. She has recently launched her own collection of hand-painted homewares. 

Following a background career in interior design, a BA in literature and MA in book illustration, Rebecca has mastered how to adopt these influences to bring her daily artistic design work to life.

She draws on the natural world and uses watercolour, mark making techniques and mono-printing to capture a whimsical suggestive style.

Her ceramic and design work interplays between the liminal space of the real and imagined. A natural explorer, she takes her inspiration from nature. 

A soulist and transitionalist at heart she is currently training within herbalism and mind body spiritual health. Following a background as a human space holder and mind body work, She now guides other human beings.

She has worked deeply with Creatives, Entrepreneurs and business owners. She offers safe supportive space holding, for people to transition through emotional and spiritual healing into a deeper awakening and potential.